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Long Short

(< 10 min.)

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Katyayan Shivpuri

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Inspired by true events, Hunger is about a homeless man and his love for food. He is a pauper in life but at heart, he is connoisseur of "gourmet" food. He does not eat to live. He lives to eat...and eat well!

Living by the railway tracks, the homeless man makes his meagre living by selling novelty items at the busy traffic signals on the streets of Mumbai.

The high point of his colorless existence is passing this busy restaurant that serves the food that he dreams of. The sizzling, steaming colorful platters of food make his mouth water while his eyes well up with desire.

And one day through happy chance, he gets an opportunity to fulfill his little life's big desire.

Our pauper sets out on an adventure of whimsy and indulgence while gradually the hunger within surrenders to the greed of human nature. While light-heartedly exposing the consequences that follow the man's weakness in the face of greed, hunger is a universal story of everyman and his unfulfilled desire!